Roofing Hail Damage Repairs

Roof Hail Damage

Hail Damage Repair Experts

When you hear the rapid clatter of hail on your roof, you should always be concerned about hail damage. If your roof does get damaged and you need roof hail damage repair in Frisco, TX, you’ll want to get prompt help from a reputable, trusted local roofing company like Clear Vision Construction Company.

We have the experienced crews to get your roof repaired quickly and effectively no matter how severe the damage. Get help from us today by calling 972-839-0407.

Our Roof Hail Damage Repair Services

What makes hail so difficult to deal with when it hits your roof is the way the damage can vary, no matter what size of hail falls. On the same roof, you could have one section of shingles where a few granules get knocked from the shingles, while another section might look like it’s been hit by a gun. Whatever the case may be, to get fast, reliable roof hail damage repair in Frisco, TX, you can always count on the experienced crews at Clear Vision Construction Company.

What to do After It Hails

If you’ve had a hailstorm recently, as soon as possible after the storm passes, you’ll want to check your roof and document the damage. Provide all this documentation to your insurance company on your roof damage claim.

Here are signs of hail damage to look for:

  • Hail hits will often appear black in color as hail tends to knock away granules on shingles.
  • Look for areas of asphalt that appear shiny.
  • Feel around on your shingles. Soft spots that feel like bruises on a fruit usually indicate hail has damaged the roof.

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