Roof Damage Inspections

A Roofer Performs a Roof Inspection.

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As an essential part of home maintenance, it’s important to keep track of your roof’s condition. The information you get from a roof inspection can help with a roof insurance claim or help you make decisions on repairs and replacement options. When you need a roof inspection in Frisco, TX that’s thorough and detailed, Clear Vision Construction Company licensed and insured professionals are experts at providing quality inspections. Set up an appointment today by calling 972-839-0407.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

Getting a roof inspection in Frisco, TXis important because you gain valuable information about your roof that you can use to make essential decisions about maintenance, repairs and replacement. Most roofs will need to be replaced within about 25 years after they are first installed.

Here are some other reasons to get an inspection:

  • Helps with damage assessments and gives you a document to file with your insurance claim. We can help you with your insurance claim and have an insurance professional on staff.
  • Annual maintenance inspections help you uphold warranties.
  • Roof inspections help determine the condition of the roof when you’re selling a home. Roof damage can affect the price of your home or even cause delays in closing the deal.
  • Finds storm damage that could otherwise remain hidden and create worse problems. Hail damage in particular can be tricky to detect.
  • Helps you find leaks. When leaks go unattended they can cause major problems like rot in time, problems that can lead to costly repairs.

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Whether it’s part of your regular maintenance plan or you need it following an emergency, a roof inspection in Frisco, TX can provide you with essential information about your roof’s condition. Call us today at 972-839-0407 to schedule services. We cover an extensive service area.