Chimney Repair

Chimney on a Metal Roof.

Reliable Chimney Repair

Keeping your chimney in good repair is essential for your roof’s health. It also keeps your fireplace operating smoothly. If you need chimney repair in Frisco, TX, and surrounding cities, let Clear Vision Construction Company‘s experienced team help you. We offer a full range of repairs. Let us help you with your chimneys and give us a call at 972-839-0407.

Our Service Offerings

As part of your roofing system, a chimney affects key areas like drainage and ventilation. When you choose Clear Vision Construction Company, you’ll be getting an experienced team for chimney repair in Frisco, TX, and surrounding cities. As residential roofing professionals for more than 20 years, we’ve seen many common problems with chimneys including cracking and spalling in the masonry.

Taking care of a chimney means more than cleaning the flue. Cracks in the masonry can lead to roof leaks. Another area of concern is the flashing. These metal strips that go around the chimney protect it from rain and weather and help with your roof’s drainage. Any loose or damaged flashing will need repair to avoid leaks and other problems.

Lifetime Labor Warranties

Our customers know they can rely on our repairs because we back all repair services with a lifetime warranty on any labor that we provide. With all repairs, we use high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. We also offer help with any insurance claims you may file if your chimney was unexpectedly damaged. Our goal is always to provide the highest level of customer service.

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Let our experienced service professionals help you when you need chimney repair in Frisco, TX. We provide high-level expert service every time. To schedule a chimney repair or any kind of roof repair, give us a call at 972-839-0407. We are ready to help.