Outdoor Kitchen Contractor in Frisco, TX

A Woman Serves Dinner Outdoors.

Exterior Remodeling Experts

Are you ready to get cooking outdoors? Would you like all the conveniences of your kitchen outside? If you’re interested in installing a kitchen outside and need an experienced outdoor kitchen contractor in Frisco, TX, end your search with Clear Vision Construction Company. We offer a full range of exterior remodeling services. Set up a time to talk with us about your ideal outdoor kitchen by calling our office at 972-839-0407.

Our Outdoor Kitchen Contractor Services

As more and more people gravitate toward socializing and entertaining outdoors, they want to give their friends and guests all the comforts of indoors, including outdoor kitchens. As an outdoor kitchen contractor in Frisco, TX, Clear Vision Construction Company will work closely with you to create your dream outdoor setting. Our skilled technicians can set up a kitchen that’s great for casual family dinners or large dinner parties.

Some of the kitchen appliances we can install include:

  • Grills
  • Wood-fired ovens
  • Sinks
  • Cabinets
  • Side burners
  • Refrigeration
  • Dishwashers
  • And more . . .

No matter what you need with your outdoor setup, we’ll set it up professionally. We won’t cut corners and we back up our services with lifetime warranties on labor. We make your property our priority and we want to see your dreams come true.

As expert roofers, we can also keep your outdoor space covered and protected from the elements with pergolas and gazebos. Or we can extend your roof over patios and decks.

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Are you looking to create a great outdoor space for casual dining or entertaining? When you need a reliable and professional outdoor kitchen contractor in Frisco, TX, you’ll never go wrong with Clear Vision Construction Company. Schedule a time for an initial consultation by calling our offices today at 972-839-0407 and get your project off the ground.