PVC Roof Repair & Installation

A Roll of PVC Roofing Material

Long-Term Roofing Solution

For versatility, very few materials beat PVC. For commercial buildings in Frisco, TX, PVC roofing is a long-term durable solution.

PVC is one of several single-ply roofing systems that Clear Vision Construction Company offers as commercial roofing solutions. If you are in the market for a PVC roof installation, give our team a call at 972-839-0407 to get started today with an estimate.

Our PVC Roofing Services

When you install PVC roofing in Frisco, TX, you’re making a cost-effective roofing choice. PVC roofs are built for the long term. They last 20 or more years and are highly resistant to tears, cuts and water absorption.

Here are a few more reasons to choose PVC:

  • Seams are hot-air welded which makes them watertight so you’ll experience fewer problems with leaks.
  • Chemical- and fire-resistance make these roofs excellent choices for industries in which building materials can be exposed to harsh chemicals.
  • PVC is recyclable so it’s a good choice for businesses looking to improve their environmental footprint.
  • PVC roofs are white reflective roofs, which will make your roof more energy efficient and save you money on energy bills.

PVC Roof Replacement and Repair

When you need a new roof, PVC roof replacement is a relatively easy process. This means it’s not time-consuming, so interruptions in business operations will be short-term. It also means you’ll save on labor costs.

Even better, these durable roofs are low maintenance and need fewer repairs than other roofing systems. For PVC roof repair in Frisco, TX, you can always rely on Clear Vision Construction Company. We are experienced pros with more than 20 years in the roofing industry.

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If you are looking for a long-term, durable roofing solution in Frisco, TX, PVC roofing is your answer. Find out how Clear Vision Construction Company can help by calling 972-839-0407.