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Whenever you’re looking for a durable roof for your commercial property, you’ll find it with EPDM. It’s impact resistant, flexible and long-lasting. If you’re installing EPDM roofing in Frisco, TX, you want to make sure you have a skilled and trusted team of professionals on your side. You’ll find those professionals at Clear Vision Construction Company.

We are an established experienced roofing contractor specializing in single-ply roofs like EPDM. Get an estimate on your next roofing project and schedule a service appointment by calling 972-839-0407.

Benefits of EPDM Roof Installation

When you install EPDM roofing in Frisco, TX you’ll get an impact-resistant roof that lasts upwards of 30 years. This long-term durability is why Clear Vision Construction Company installs single-ply membranes like EPDM. We want to provide our customers with reliable high-performing roofs.

Durability and longevity are just a few reasons to install EPDM. Here are some more benefits of EPDM:

  • Flexibility makes it more durable because it can move with the building
  • Lightweight, making the material easier to install
  • High resistance to hail, UV rays, and wind
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and thermal shock 
  • Watertight when installed correctly
  • Comes in varying widths, minimizing the number of seams on a roof
  • Reflects heat and improves energy efficiency
  • 100% recyclable

EPDM Replacement and Repair

When you choose us, we never cut corners on any job, whether we’re repairing a roof or installing a new one. We also only use high-quality materials from leading manufacturers for EPDM repair and replacement. This will ensure your new roof’s durability.

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Whenever you need a commercial roofer with expertise in installing and repairing EPDM roofing in Frisco, TX, you can count on the trusted professionals at Clear Vision Construction Company. Get an estimate and schedule a service by calling 972-839-0407.