Flat Roof Repair and Installation

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Flat Roofing Experts

When your commercial building needs a new flat roof or repairs on your current roof, you can rely on Clear Vision Construction Company for our expertise in flat roofing in Frisco, TX. We offer a comprehensive range of flat roofing solutions including repair and installation of single-ply membranes like EPDM and TPO. To get a free estimate and schedule services, give us a call at 972-839-0407.

Our Flat Roof Repair and Installation Services

When you choose Clear Vision Construction Company for flat roofing in Frisco, TX, you get experienced professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing commercial roofing in the area. Licensed and insured professionals, we make your property a priority from the initial inspection to project completion. We never cut corners and all our services are backed with lifetime labor warranties.

Flat Roof Repair

Whether they are traditional built-up roofs or single-ply membranes like TPO systems, flat roofs are generally very tough. One of the most common problems our experienced roofers at Clear Vision Construction Company see on flat roofing systems is ponding due to poor drainage. This puts your flat roof at risk of ponding and leaks. If you have any problems with ponding or need a flat roof repair in Frisco, TX, ours is the team to call for exceptional service.

Flat Roof Replacement

If you are in the market for a new roof, we have more than 20 years of commercial roofing experience. Our roofers are trained on a wide range of flat roofing systems and provide quality flat roof replacement in Frisco, TX.

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Whether you need repairs or a new flat roof installed, count on our experts for flat roofing in Frisco, TX. Call us today to schedule service at 972-839-0407.